Jul 17, 2014

Caughlin Ranch 5th Grade Supply List

2014-2015 School Year

At least a 1 gigabyte flash drive (also known as a thumb drive or jump drive) for storing & transporting computer work from school to home and vice versa

Durable expandable file folder (letter size), also known as an accordion folder, with at least 10 pockets to be used as a filing system for notes and assignments. Briefcase style—one that can stand alone with a handle, if possible.

$50 made out to Caughlin Ranch School which will cover the cost of the items below and other classroom supplies for science, math, and art throughout the year.



We are  happily providing these items to take the stress out of “Back to School” shopping!

·       Pencils 
·       3” x  3” Post-It Notes
·       Highlighters
·       Rulers
·       Correcting pens
·       Markers and colored pencils
·       Sharpie pens
·       Glue sticks
·       Scissors
·       Dry erase markers
·       Math, Science/Science and ELA notebooks




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