Apr 20, 2014


We the People

Students have been working hard preparing for the We the People mock congressional hearing to be held Wednesday, April 23.  Students should be at school about 6:15.  By 6:30 parents, students, teachers, and the judges will gather in the cafeteria for presentation of the flag, introductions and a few welcoming words from our principal, Mrs. Thoroughman.  After this, students, parents, and teachers will go to their classrooms--each 5th grade classroom will be conducting  a mock hearing.  This hearing a a wonderful way to celebrate students' Constitutional knowledge and support writing, speaking, and listening skills.


We have begun investigating the Measurement and Data strand of our Common Core Math Standards.  Before spring break students worked with various graphs to represent data: line plots, stem-and-leaf plots, and histograms. Students are now working  on perimeter, area, and volume concepts.   We will also be preparing for CRTs with Nevada Department of Education practice tests.


Students' Fantasy Genre assignment and AR points were due Friday, April 18.  Some students have not yet turned this assignment in. Students may still turn this assignment in.  We will know begin looking into the science fiction genre.  Students will be given a Science Fiction independent reading assignment this coming Friday, April 25. Students, also,  continue to have weekly Newsela.com assignments.


We are preparing for science CRTs with a variety of science topics.  We briefly reviewed earth science concepts and are beginning to look at life science concepts.


State mandated CRTs (Criterion Referenced Test) will be given the first week in May.  Students in fifth grade take tests in math, reading, and science.  Each test has two parts.  Students will be taking Math part 1 on Monday morning, May 5; Math part 2, Tuesday morning, May 6; Reading part 1 Wednesday morning, May 7, Reading part 2, Thursday morning, May 8; and Science parts 1 & 2 on Friday, May 9.  Please make sure your child is at school on time this week  and he/she is getting a good breakfast and plenty of rest. Thank you!

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