Aug 24, 2014


I have greatly enjoyed getting to know my 2014-2015 school year students during the first two weeks of school!  Students took the reading MAP test on August 20, and will be taking the math MAP on August 28. Students scores will be coming home in the next few weeks.

Below is an outline of our studies and up-coming school events.


We are currently reading the children's novel There is a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. This novel provides a vehicle for studying realistic fiction, character analysis, plot structure and theme.  Students were given an Independent Reading assignment on Monday, August 25.  As part of their Independent Reading, students were assigned an AR point goal based on their  STAR reading test and reading MAP scores. Students may read any books at their reading level to reach their point goal; however,  at least one book must be in the realistic fiction genre.  For the realistic fiction book students will complete a story map  and analyze the main character.  Students will also complete a WOW! Word bookmark collecting  ten new or interesting words from any of the books they read and writing down the definitions.  This Independent Reading assignment is due     .

We are also engaged in reading informational texts through our studies in science and social studies.

Language Arts

Students are completing their Me Essay. The purpose of this essay was to introduce students to the writing process and  five paragraph format we will be using throughout the year as we practice writing informative, persuasive, narrative, and opinion pieces.  Students will be asked to type these essays to gain fluency using word processing programs. If students do not have access to a computer at home. They may come in before school, during recess, or after school to use a  classroom computer.

Our next essay will be a persuasive piece: Why donate to the Caughlin Ranch Jog-athon?


We are finishing up Unit 1 in Everyday Math: Number Theory.  Following the Unit 1 Checking Progress assessment, students will be taking a closer look at Nevada Academic Standards tied to base 10.  This will be followed by Everyday Math Unit 2: Estimation and Computation.


Students have learning about atoms and their connection to static electricity.  Students will visit the periodic chart of elements and link it a study of minerals and physical properties.  We will then begin using the FOSS Kit, Water Planet.

Social Studies

We are currently learning the "lay of the land" in anticipation of our study of American history.  Over the next few months, students will be encounter the first people in the Americas, European explorers, European colonizers, and the American Revolution.

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