Mar 15, 2014

March 15

We the People

A note went home in Friday, March 14, Friday Folder explaining the We the People program and the culminating mock congressional hearing.  The final date (I promise this won't change) is Wednesday, April 23.

I sent a bright pink paper home on Monday, Mach 10, explaining 5th grade's latest reading program, is a web-based reading program featuring informational text taken from magazines and newspapers.  Every student was given his/her log-on information.  Each week students will be assigned a Newsela article to read with an accompanying 4 question quiz. This reading assignment will take the place of the weekly fluency assignment.

Fanstasy Genre

We will begin reading Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as a class novel.  Students have been given a new Independent Reading Assignment and AR goals due  April 18.  At least one of the books they read between now and April 18 will be in the fantasy genre.  Students need to complete a Fantasy Genre Independent Reading Assignment by April 18.


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