Nov 3, 2013

November 4-12

Conference Week Follow-Up

I greatly enjoyed meeting with you and discussing your child’s assessment data and student skills last week.  But I made a mistake in regards to the SBAC (Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium) computerized test.  The SBAC test will be administered next school year in the spring of 2015, not this year school year.  Students can still take the practice tests which are assessing our new Common Core Standards, but just know the traditional paper and pencil bubble in test will be given in May of this school year.  I apologize for this mistake in dates.

Explorer Presentations

We will discuss necessary skills for giving a presentation to the class on Monday.  Students will be asked to prepare a one to two minute presentations on their explorer.  Students should practice the presentation at home this week.  Presentations will be given on Friday of this week.


The Everyday Math Unit 3 Geometry Checking Progress assessment is tentatively scheduled for this coming Friday.  We will review for this assessment in class during the week.

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