Oct 27, 2013

October 28-November 3

Conference Week--Oct. 28-Nov. 1

Looking forward to meeting with you and your child next week.  Our conference will  focus on your child's assessment data and student skills observed in the classroom. School will be dismissed each day at 12:50.

Explorer Trading Card

Students' Explorer Trading Card is due this Friday, Nov. 1.  We began this research project 3 weeks ago.  Students were given an outline and rubric for the project, as well as, a note taking guide. Computer and library times were used for research.  I provided students with maps and poster board for creating the "trading card."  Late trading cards will not be accepted.

Virginia City Field Trip

Thank you to all the parents that volunteered to chaperon on our recent Virginia City field trip.  We had an amusing time learning about Virginia City's past population by reading tombstones in the Silver Terrace Cemeteries.  Lunch was enjoyed in historic Piper's Opera House listening to the superintendent of Storey Count Schools explain a about the history of the opera house.  We finished up our trip with a visit to Fourth Ward School to learn about turn of the century schools and tour the Mark Twain Room and the Nevada Mining Association's Mining Room.  The students were on their best behavior and  enthusiastic learners!

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