Sep 2, 2013

September 3-9

I hope you all had a wonderful three day holiday!  Below you will find information on upcoming events and assignments for the week ahead.

Jog-athon & Count Day

Friday, Sept. 6, is our annual PTA Jog-athon fund raiser! Please make sure your child wears shoes and clothes he/she can run in on that day.  Friday is also official Count Day for the district.  Students will be asked to sign their names on a roster to indicate they are enrolled and present.  Our school's student population will determine the amount of money allocated to the school.


On Wednesday of this week, students will be taking the Unit 1 Checking Progress test covering concepts in Unit 1 of Everyday Math.  We will review for the test on Tuesday.  We will then be reviewing decimal concepts before heading into Unit 2 which covers estimation and addition/subtraction algorithms and concepts. 

IXL for this week is Q12, writing multiplication expressions using exponents, Q13, evaluating exponent expressions (students may use a calculator), C1, identifying the decimal number illustrated by the model, and C3, working with decimal place value positions.

On Thursday of this week students will be taking the Math MAPs assessment.


Please make sure your child is logging onto website and checking her/his assignments.  This week students will be playing the Sentence: Fragment, Run-on, and Commas Splice game.  Students have been asked to play all three games to improve their knowledge and skill and identifying these grammar errors. Grammar games should be played by Friday.

This week's writing assignment is another opinion piece on open-book tests.  Rough draft of the assignment is due Saturday, Sept. 7 for teacher review and comments.  Final draft is due Wednesday, Sept. 11.

Social Studies

We have completed our review of world and US geography with a test this last Friday.  We will be reading the text book and learning about early American cultures and civilizations.


Atomic theory will be coming to a close with an investigation of static electricity.  Atomic theory test will be sometime the week of September 9.  Look for a study guide coming home.


We are more than half-way through, There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. Following completion we will analyze the book discussing plot structure including internal vs. external conflict, climax, resolution,  and theme. Students will be asked to apply their knowledge of these concepts to their independently read novels.

Students should be reading toward their personal AR goals nightly.

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