Nov 4, 2012

November 1- November 9

Virginia City

4th Ward School
The Virginia City field trip was a huge success!  The weather was perfect and so were the students.  Many thanks to all the parents that volunteered to accompany us that day. 

Virginia City Cemetery

Lunch at historic Piper's Opera House




 Tuesday, November 6

Voting Day!  No school.
Please remember to vote (how could you forget with all the phone calls and literature!).  Encourage your child to watch the election results on TV to support student learning of the Electoral College.

Most Wanted Mineral Poster

Students have been working on creating a Most Wanted Mineral Poster these last two weeks in the computer lab.  The final project is due this coming Friday, Nov. 9. Below is an outline of the project and the scoring rubric.  Students have been given a copy of this information to keep in their science pocket.

Feel free to be creative and add any other information or visuals that will enhance your poster. ONLY INCLUDE INFORMATION YOU UNDERSTAND. The poster size is up to you.

 Wanted: Name of  Mineral (you may not use quartz)
AKA (also known as):  Give the chemical formula for this mineral and list any other names this mineral might have.

Description:  Identify the physical properties of the mineral. i.e. color, streak, hardness, luster, transparency, crystal habit, magnetism, density (also known as specific gravity).

Last Known Location:  Where is this mineral commonly found?

Wanted For:  What are the uses of this mineral? Is it valuable as a natural resource?
*Include a drawing, picture, or illustration of your mineral on your poster.
**Please identify two sources of information. When identifying a website, give the name of the website and the web address. 
Scoring Rubric

A range
* All information asked for in the outline is present * Poster is neat & easily read
*Student has gone beyond the basic outline--creativity & effort is apparent.
B range
* All information asked for in the outline is present * Poster is neat & easily read
C range
* Majority of information asked for is present  * Poster is neat & easily read
D- F range
* Information asked for is missing * Poster is disorganized; difficult to read

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