Oct 20, 2012

October 22-25

I greatly enjoyed meeting parents during conference week.  The commitment and support you have for your child's education is truly appreciated and inspiring!  An outline of our week ahead is below.

Nevada Day

Nevada's statehood  birthday will be celebrated on Friday, October 26.  There will no school that day.


Virginia City Field Trip--Monday, October 29

Our Virginia City field trip to celebrate Nevada Day and in lieu of a Halloween party was originally scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 25.  That date has changed due to a busing issue.  The new date for our Virginia City field trip will be Monday, October 29. A permission slip will be sent home on Monday, October 22.  To prepare for the field trip, students will be learning about the history of Nevada and Virginia City this coming week. We will not be having a Halloween Party in our classroom.

Atoms to Minerals Science Unit Wrap-up

Students were given a study guide on Thursday, October 18 for the up-coming test Atoms to Minerals.  The test was originally scheduled for Wednesday but has been rescheduled to Thursday, October 25. We will review for the test on Wednesday. A successfully completed study guide earns a student extra credit points on the test.

To further their appreciation for minerals, students are investigating a mineral of their choice and creating a Most Wanted Mineral poster.  Students were given an outline of the requirements for the poster, a list of suggested minerals, and website sources of information on Thursday. We discussed a due date, and students felt 2 1/2 weeks was sufficient time.  So the poster will be due on Friday, November 9.

Independent Reading

Students were given a new Independent Reading assignment on Friday.  Story map, book review, WOW! words, and AR points will be due on November 20.  I suggest you question your child as to what she/he is reading and how he/she feels about.  If your child is not happy with a book choice because it is too difficult, encourage him/her to find a more appropriate book.

Spelling Book

Due to the Friday holiday and field trip on Monday, October 29.  Unit 7 in our spelling book will not be due until Thursday, Nov. 1.  We will begin the unit this coming week.

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