Aug 29, 2015


I have greatly enjoyed getting to know all of the students in our classroom.  They can be a bit chatty, but are eager learners. Caughlin's Think Kindness campaign is creating a positive culture in our classroom and school.

Below is an outline of what students are learning:


We are currently reading the children's novel There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar. As we read this novel together, students are investigating the realistic fiction genre, analyzing character, plot structure, and theme. Students are also honing their summarizing skills. In conjunction with this novel, students have been asked to read at least one realistic fiction book, complete a story map for the realistic fiction book, and answer character analysis questions.  This is all part of their Independent Reading assignment, which also includes working towards and AR goal and completing a WOW! Words bookmark.  Students have several papers related to this assignment in their reading pockets.  The assignment is due Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

In writing we are working on summarizing and learning how to organize an essay.  Students are also becoming familiar with using our mobile computer lab. Following completion of our Me Essays, students will begin writing personal narratives and learning how to insert appropriate transition words/phrases and elaborate with dialogue and imagery.  

As part of language development, students are learning about word parts.  We will be studying how to add suffixes, such as, -ed and -ing to base words and spell them correctly. Following that, we look at common homophones.


We have completed a quick review of base ten, the foundation of our number system. Students learned to multiply and divide by powers of ten. Currently we are in Unit 1 of Everyday Math, Number Theory in which concepts of arrays, factorization, and divisibility are addressed. Next up, will be a review of measurement with a focus on the metric system, linear measurement, and area. This will lead to volume and integrate into a science unit on density.

Social Studies

We have had a slow start in the area of social studies, but we are progressing through a short unit of study on United States geography.  This will be followed by a unit about the first people of the Americas.


We have started a unit of study called Atoms to Minerals which will lightly investigate atomic theory, the periodic chart of elements, and matter.  The matter focus will be minerals. 

Please remember to donate to our Caughlin Ranch Colts on the Run fund raiser. Donations in the past purchased our wonderful mobile computer lab and many other supplemental programs for our school. Every dollar matters! Thanks!

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