Apr 11, 2015


I must apologize for not posting in March.  I came down with a case of the shingles and had very little energy for most of the month.  Below is an outline of up-coming events in our classroom for the months of April and May.  Four SHARE lessons will also be taught between April 28-May 6. I did not include the dates and times, but if you need to know, please e-mail me.


We have completed our fractions unit, which is a large part of the Nevada Academic Content Standards for math.  I will have students to continue to practice fractions skills and problem solving as we delve into co-ordinate graphing and converting between customary units of measure.  For fun, we will graph simple linear functions.

ELA/Social Studies

The American Revolutionary War is coming to an end in our classroom studies. Students will be giving PowerPoint presentations on Revolutionary Battles and Events as a culminating activity.  Of course with the end of the fighting, comes the formation of a new government, so our next unit of study will be the Constitution of the United States. We will be using a supplemental textbook entitled We the People.  We the People was created by the Center for Civics Education and is endorsed by Congress.  It is designed to help students understand how the Constitution came to be written, the major principles it contains, and how the Constitution effects our lives today. It promotes reading, writing, and critical thinking.  I will be asking students to discuss Constitutional topics with you as part of their homework.


I am happy to announce that Sierra Nevada Journeys, “a 501(c)3 nonprofit that delivers innovative outdoor, science-based education programs for youth to develop critical thinking skills and to inspire natural resource stewardship,” will be coming to our classroom to guide us in investigating our watershed with their Hands in the River unit. We will also be taking a trip to McCarran Ranch on I-80 East to investigate the health of the Truckee River.

Sierra Nevada Journeys charges a fee of $20 per student, and we must pay for the field trip bus. However, I will be using our classroom PTA money of $15 per student to help off-set the fees.  At this point in time, I have enough money left from our beginning of the year fees to cover the other $5 per student.  I am asking each student to chip in $5 to help with the field trip bus fee to McCarran Ranch.

We will also be finishing up our Mixtures & Solutions unit by investigating chemical changes.

April-May Events

Friday, April 24—5th grade Nevada Legislature field trip.  $5 to cover bus fees.
Monday, April 27—Reading SBAC (Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium)
                              CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) 1-2:30

Wednesday, April 29—SBAC classroom lesson

Thursday, April 30—SBAC Reading 9:15-10:45

Tuesday, May 5—Sierra Nevada Journeys lesson Watershed Connections 1-2:30

Monday, May 11—Math SBAC  CAT 10:45-12:15
                           Sierra Nevada Journeys lesson Watershed Inhabitants 1-2:30

Tuesday, May 12—Sierra Nevada Journeys field trip Watershed Health

Wednesday, May 13—Math SBAC classroom lesson

Thursday, May 14—Math SBAC 9:15-10:45

Tuesday, May 19—Sierra Nevada Journeys lesson Case Study of Non-Native    
                             Species 1-2:30

Friday, May 29—Donner Park field trip--focusing on  plant identification & glaciation.

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