Jan 20, 2014

January 22-27

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a restful and joyful winter break.  The students returned to school ready go! Thank you for making your child's education a priority.  Below is an outline of current and up-coming classroom studies and events:

Language Arts

We have begun a poetry unit of study in language arts.  Through this poetry unit students will engage in several Common Core Literature Standards.  Students will be reading and analyzing poetry in the classroom and writing poems, too.  They have been given an Independent Poetry Reading assignment designed to reinforce literature/poetry concepts taught in the classroom.  This Independent Poetry Reading assignment is due February 14.  To celebrate the end of our poetry unit, we will be having a Poetry Slam in the afternoon of February 14.  Students will be sharing their favorite poems with their classmates.  More details regarding the Poetry Slam will be coming home.


We continue to investigate fractions in math.  Modeling of fractions is an important Common Core concept, and students have made fraction sticks, used number lines, and drawn pictures to visualize and model fractions.  We will begin modeling addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators in the week ahead.

Social Studies

The American Revolution is our social studies focus for the next several weeks.  Cause and effect relationships will be examined during this unit of study.  Students will also be analyzing primary source images and documents related to the American Revolution.


We continue our FOSS unit, Mixtures and Solutions.  The focus of the third investigation in this unit is concentration.


Our PTA is holding a Spell-athon fund raiser.  Students will be bringing home their spelling lists this week.  Please support your child in this activity.

MAPs Testing

Students are taking reading and math MAPs assessments this week and next. I will be sending home the results of these tests by the end of the month.

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