Jun 2, 2013

End of Year

It has been my pleasure teaching the 2012-2013 class this year.  This class has been one of the most cooperative and respectful group of children I have ever taught.  It was a joy watching the students organize themselves to play games at recess and during PE without adult intervention.  Academically this class has grown greatly as evidenced by their recent MAPs scores.  I will be sending home those scores home in Wednesday's Friday Folder.  CRTs scores will be mailed to parents sometime in June.

End of Year Celebrations

For our end of the year celebration, I will be holding the Mrs. S. Auction between 9 and 10:30 on Monday, June 3.  In the afternoon of that day, students will enjoy an hour of water play on the playground. Children can wear swimsuits or water clothes under their regular clothes or change at school.  Tee- shirts should be worn over bathing attire. Water toys will be auctioned off in the morning, but students are encouraged to bring their own water toys.

Keeping in Academic Shape Over Summer Break

In order to prepare for the rigor of 6th grade, students should continue to read over the summer and do  IXL math.  In conjunction with their reading, students should occasionally summarize what they have read.  Also, encourage your child to write letters or e-mails to family and friends--it is a fun and easy way to stay in writing shape. Students will also be bringing home their math journals and spelling books.  They can work on pages in these workbooks over summer, too.

New School Year Calendar

Washoe County School District adopted a new school year calendar.  I will be sending a copy of it home in Wednesday's Friday Folder.  School will begin on August 12.

Thank you, again, for a wonderful year!

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