Mar 17, 2013

Thank you!

First, I apologize for not keeping up this blog very well.  It has been hard to find the time and energy due to the illness and death of my father, and  the subsequent estate issues. Our beloved family dog also became ill and needed to be put to sleep recently.  But enough about me. 

I want to thank you for supporting your children's efforts and attending the We the People  mock Congressional hearing.  The students truly shined that night!  Many thanks, also, for attending Open House and the Art Auction. Your support of your children and our school is truly appreciated.

In the weeks ahead students will be delving into the following units of study and events:


Students will be participating in a Writing Event mandated by the state and Washoe County School District. Students will be given two 45 minute sessions in the computer lab to write to a prompt.  Students' writing will be scored by teachers the following week. 

Language Arts

We will begin a quick study of tall tales.  Following readings and analysis of several tall tales students will write a comparing and contrasting essay of two of the tales.  They will also put their imaginations into gear and write and illustrate their own tall tale.


We are wrapping up our fractions, decimals, and percents unit of study and will be heading to the realm of algebraic thinking focusing on order of operations and positive and negative integers.


Our Earth science unit is coming to a close, and we will be continuing with our mixture and solutions lab work.  We will be investigating solubility and chemical changes. 

Social Studies

Student will be  learning about the first people to arrive on the North and South American continents and conducting their own research on a Native American tribe or culture.

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